Saturday, January 17, 2009

Smells like RRR

So who are the UFO Destroyers?

Whitley Strieber is one, having made a fictional mockery of the phenomenon, and persisting in his quasi-religious take to he point that many interested persons have discarded UFOs as something that science might be able to decipher.

Then there’s a small group of confused and addled persons who sneak in and out of the UFO arena, venting their spleen because they have gone unrecognized by UFO cognoscenti.

Let’s call them Alfred, Regan, and Lesley.

They gather ideas from others, either stealing those ideas or bifurcating them with gossipy innuendo and a mental haze that puts their psychological well-being into question.

They are UFO Destroyers because they degrade the phenomenon with their ignorance and wholesale purloining of ideas that others generate about UFOs.
Where do I start with RRR's bifurcating post? They have divided into two groups those that are UFO destroyers and those that aren't. I suppose I would be a lot more insulted if 1) this came from someone I have the least amount of respect for 2) if they weren't almost as condescending to those that they deemed "not ufo destroyers."

Let me say first off -- I do not mind in the least being included in any group that Whitley Strieber is in. Fuck the group of media guys (what media?). Whitley Strieber has done more to get people thinking about ufos and aliens than the group of media guys could ever hope to.

I feel almost silly even commenting on it, but I will start with this accusation of stealing. I have stole nothing. I don't even know where they came up with that. I have always made it clear that I am not the originator of the theories I write about -- I am merely commenting on them. I have also never claimed to be a Ufologist or anything remotely like that. I am merely someone who has had some ufo related experiences and am very interested in the topic because of that.

I am not looking for recognition from UFO cognoscenti (whoever they may be in RRR's eyes), what good would that be? For what purpose? I think RRR thinks of things like that because it is what THEY or HE would like, but unlike them it doesn't motivate me. I know almost everyone and am friends with many. I only ever wanted to meet people interested in the same topics I am, so I am perfectly happy as is.

Gossipy innuendo? I have no clue wtf they are talking about and can't even comment on it except to say that their post strikes me as being gossipy innuendo.

Moving on from me to their next complaint --

And the final group of UFO Destroyers are those who hoax photos or generate sightings to give them a prominence that they could never achieve in a more credible arena.
Whenever I think about hoaxes, RRR is the first person(s) that comes to mind. You see, I remember their generated hoax. How Rich Reynolds or anyone writing on that blog has the nerve to accuse anyone else of hoaxing is beyond the amount of hypocrisy that I can stand.

Now that I have said all of that -- I will continue with my UFO destroying! Apparently I have been granted super powers beyond that of ordinary humans and I don't want to waste them.


  1. That was rather rude of Rich Reynolds and his goons to say that about the 3 of you and Whitley Streiber. Not to mention it's rather arrogant of the RRR guys to assume that they have the authority to run around saying who's who in the world of UFOs.

    And it is totally true what you said about Whitley Streiber getting people thinking about UFOs. Heck I probably wouldn't be blogging about UFOs if it weren't for the fact that Communion got me thinking heavily about the subject again.

    I love your closing line there by the way. I now have images in my head of people flying around like Superman, in vintage sci-fi costumes, blasting away at flying saucers with laser eyes.

  2. Yes, you picked up on a point I have mentioned in Grey Matters and other places many times -- the arrogance of assuming that they know what is best and right. Not just RRR does this, many people seem to think they know what everyone else should believe and how they should act. I expect such from debunkers, but not those who within the UFO community. The arrogance is more than that though, it is also assuming that you have to warn people because you are the only one smart enough to figure things out and most everyone else is too stupid to figure anything out without your help.

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  4. Atrueoriginall ... I love that, lol. Oops, I forgot, Lesley and I are now sworn enemies, for which one of us shall bring down UFOlogy first?

  5. Yea, you remind me of a rough and tumble Anime character alright. :)

    I had a real naughty one before I did the final RRR but then I chickened out and threw it away. I have to always remind myself that I have kids in there too.

    I'll be keeping an eye on you two making sure you're doing your jobs of bringing down Ufology. Wouldn't want to let ole Richy boy down.

  6. Atrueoriginall -- that is awesome!

    Regan -- what about Alfred? It is possible he could be the first to destroy UFOs. We are going about it wrong because the post says UFO destroyers, not ufology destroyers. I think we have to blast them with laser beams from our eyes like Naveed suggested. Possibly if it is a really huge spaceship we might have to team up. :-)

  7. Lesley, you mean, an unholy alliance? I'm in!