Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Talk to a UFOlogist (if you must)

UFOlogists claim that they have tens of thousands of UFO sightings, as if this is a good thing, but Shostak notes that this actually argues against UFOs being ET, because to date not one of these tens of thousands of sightings has materialized into concrete evidence that UFOs = ETIs. It’s counterintuitive, but more sightings equals less certainty because with so many saucers zipping around we would have captured one by now, and we haven’t.

Apparently the governments of the world share their secret knowledge with Shostak and he knows things the rest of us don't -- like we have never captured a spaceship.

He also knows that people who write fiction can't be taken seriously when they write non-fiction. Guess I will throw away all my Sagan books -- except the fiction.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Noisy Nitwits

Don't think facebook is boring, you can meet just as many assclowns there as anywhere else on the internet! The following takes place on Bill Birnes' fb page.

The opening comment that started it all by Danielle:

All Of the UFO Hunters show are Science Fiction
So apparently she doesn't believe in Roswell, Rendlesham or any of the cases profiled on there because if she did it wouldn't be science fiction. One has to wonder if she has spent any time actually investigating anything, let alone seen a ufo herself.

To prove all of you wrong I have had 20 years of experience in the UFO Field and I am also a State Director for MUFON.

Oh, so she has spent time filling out MUFON reports. I guess that is something. I knew MUFON was hard up for members, but I had no idea how hard up.

I happen to have first hand knowledge that alot of the stuff that is shown on UFO hunter is Hyped for TV. That do it for rating and little to none is ever proven outside the show. All of you people who watch the show are all just observers not having any connection to the field.
What a genius! Who would have thought that TV hyped things?

And MUFON proves what with their investigations???

Observers, not trained professionals like little Miss Know-it-all.

Funny enough, I checked Miss know-it-all's friend list and she doesn't seem to be connected with anyone in the field, not even the head of MUFON, James Carrion. Doesn't that seem strange for a "state director?" Sadly MUFON did not have a list of state directors, but I am tempted to email James and ask if she really is one.

I have not seen anything on UFO Hunters that I would call real. The more that I am in the UFO Field tha more I become a skeptic. 95% of my cases that I deal with are just light in the sky. No proof. the other 5% that people are seening I believe are experimental Aircraft that our and other governments are testing. Not an ET craft. Don't get me wrong I don't think that we did it by ourselves I think we had ET help on the design of the aircrafts. but ET's are not flying them. My Beef is with the UFO Hunters show it's self people who know nothing about UFO watch it and believe everything that they tell them is real and true. It is just entertainment no fact to it. Now if Bill would get on there and take is ass to Area 51 and try and do some real investigations I might change my mind. Do some real investigative reporting!

Does that even make sense? There was ET help with aircraft design, but they are not flying around in our sky. So how the hell did we meet them to get aircraft designs if they aren't visiting earth???

Bill did take his ass (OMG! that is a curse word) to Area 51, strangely enough they wouldn't let him in. Imagine that!

Of course, that also made me do a quick google so that I could find miss know-it-all's own investigative reporting and was not the least surprised to find zero. She isn't even a person according to google, no mentions at all. It is why I am not mentioning her complete name here, why give her any mention on google?

To those that enjoy UFO Hunters, she write:

Kelly and Amanda. If you are watching the UFO Hunter Show and you like it then you have no idea what is going on in the real world of UFO.

As for Amanda get a clue you are as dumb as the rest of the sheep that is watching the show. Kelly what kind of connection do you have in the UFO Field? Other then watching the show. Are you will an orgainization that studies the subject. If so which one and what do you do in the orgainization.
And to that, I wrote:

Danielle has discovered the truth -- UFO Hunters is hyped for TV. What a f#2king revelation! Who knew that networks did such things? Someone give that girl a prize for her intellect that is soooooo superior to everyone else. All hail Danielle!

Someone call Bob White and tell him his artifact is fake -- quickly!

No need for anyone else to research Ufology -- Danielle has it covered. Woo hoo!
Nitwit wrote:

Do me a favor try and broaden your vocabulary, using curse words in a post is very tacky. That shows me that you are indeed brainless and have nothing intelligent to say. It called class and you my dear have none!!!!
Funny enough, as I wrote that I said to myself -- I bet she attacks me on the so-called curse word, which is why I didn't spell it out. After years of experience with these trolls, I know that when they can't actually defend themselves they attack over stupid crap like that and she didn't disappoint me. Apparently ASS is not a curse word.

I couldn't help responding:

Oh Danielle, you have so hurt my feelings. Especially reading through your comments that are so perfectly constructed. Please tell me, where can I read your grand research papers? They must be thrilling!

Then again, you had already proved yourself a hypocrite to me by calling other people sheep, when you are the one that belongs to an organization. Do you just not like independently minded people or are they against the rules of MUFON?
I am sure there is more to come. She is too damn stupid to just give up. Damn, another curse word, whatever will Danielle think of me? More importantly, why does she think I would care?