Sunday, February 15, 2009

Randi Backs Out of Challenge with Homeopath George Vithoulkas

As for homeopathic remedies, how would you judge that? If there was no physical evidence that they worked and yet the person feels better -- how could it be said that they didn't work? Even if they only work mentally, they still work.

Using myself as an example -- I know that acupuncture does not heal my back and neck problems. However, whenever I have it done it relaxes me so much that they feel better and I feel better overall.

Health and wellness is not just physical and almost any doctor will agree with that.

Randi Backs Out of Challenge with Homeopath George Vithoulkas


  1. I know for a 'fact' and I never use that word loosely - that acupuncture and acupressure both work fantastically. I had a couple of businesses in California and come Christmas time I would begin to really stress. We were just too busy. Besides the exorbitant amount of customers through Xmas I had 28 employees to deal with. Acupressure and acupuncture is the only thing that got me through that. Drugs would have pulled me down but I needed to be awake and perky since I was putting in sometimes over 18 hours a day just to stay ahead.

    The best thing I've seen with acupuncture happened to a customer of mine. He was a very regular customer and would come in on his motorcycle for parts or accessories. One day he pulled up as a passenger in a car with sciatic nerve pain. He was in absolute severe pain as his relatives attempted to get him into a wheelchair from the back seat. I'm thinking what the hell is he doing coming here like that. He wasn't. He was going next door to the acupuncture people. Sciatic nerve pain does not go away in a day but two days later he rolled up to my store on his motorcycle. Unbelievable. I've seen my dad suffer with such over the years and it takes a good while to go away. Working next door to that acupuncture business proved much to me because their customers would come into my store while waiting for their appointment and I never heard anything but positive results for whatever reason they were there.

    My acupuncturist (Connie) was from Korea and had been doing it for many, many years prior to arriving in the U.S. She's still doing it today in the same location with her kids who are in their 50's. She moved into that complex the same year I did in 1981 so she's been there a very long time. 28 years later her business is still thriving. A business that doesn't have something that works or benefits a person usually doesn't see 3 years so that 28 years speaks volumes about acupuncture and acupressure - especially since that's all they do.

    I'm rambling but that's because I'm excited as hell. I'm giddy! I just read the absolute best rant I have ever read on the Internet in our realm. Wow! Understated Lesley. I think you may remember that I went down that road with him some time back. I said nothing because I know and have seen his backlash in the past. Wish I had the guts to speak my mind but I think I'm waiting to do it face to face with him someday. That I have no problem doing.

  2. Are you a debunker that does not believe in UFOs,or do you think they are just military?Because I think most 99.9% are military but their are some that can cot be accounted

  3. Atrueoriginall -- Thanks very much for your kind words!

    As to your question at TDF -- You are always welcome to link to any of my posts.

    worldufospace -- I was thinking someone would eventually make that mistake because the title can be taken that way, but I am not a debunker of anything. I just comment on what I think is wrong about the logic of those that are debunkers.