Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Talk to a UFOlogist (if you must)

UFOlogists claim that they have tens of thousands of UFO sightings, as if this is a good thing, but Shostak notes that this actually argues against UFOs being ET, because to date not one of these tens of thousands of sightings has materialized into concrete evidence that UFOs = ETIs. It’s counterintuitive, but more sightings equals less certainty because with so many saucers zipping around we would have captured one by now, and we haven’t.

Apparently the governments of the world share their secret knowledge with Shostak and he knows things the rest of us don't -- like we have never captured a spaceship.

He also knows that people who write fiction can't be taken seriously when they write non-fiction. Guess I will throw away all my Sagan books -- except the fiction.

Skepticblog » How to Talk to a UFOlogist (if you must)

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